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Electric hot shower

 Electric hot shower
 Electric hot shower
 Electric hot shower
 Electric hot shower
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 Electric hot shower
 Electric hot shower
 Electric hot shower
 Electric hot shower
Electric hot shower
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  • Specification : 
  • Material: PP
    Voltage: 110v/220v
    Power: 5400W
    tube Interface: 1.5cm
    Temperature Control: Hot, Warm, Super Hot
    Brand New and high quality.
    ● Simple operation
    ● Instant hot water sprayer
    ● It is very suitable for bathroom
    ● The shower head comes with 3x temperatures settings
    【Electric Installation】
    1.For new constructions, make sure to provide a derivative box 13cm distant and above the water outlet
    2.Connect the unit to the wires of your electric system and make sure the connectors used match the right voltage and power rating of the electrical circuit of the shower head(supplied with set 4 and satisfaction models only)
    3.ATTENTION: Do not use plugs neither sockets for this installation
    1.For your own safety: In order to avoid the risk of electric shocks, make sure to connect the grounding wire of the shower unit into the grounding system. To the maximum efficiency, the grounding system must be done by a qualified professional
    2.Turn on the circuit breaker from the distribution box which will be used to connect the shower
    3.Open the water valve, the unit will operate automatically. To change the power rating, close the water valve and place the temperature selector in the position desired
    4.Control the water temperature by controlling the water , In hots days use the selector temperature in the position warm(Economic Power). For your own safety and to provide a longer life for the components of the unit, only use the temperature switch(sliding key) when the shower head is "OFF"
    【Package included】
    1 X Electric Shower Head
    1 X Hand Shower
    1 X tube
    1 X Kit
    1 X English Manual

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